Connecting Communities

We want to connect communitiy members and ensure everyone stays safe and healthy

What is MakeFor.Us?

MakeFor.Us is a platform for connecting people who want to purchase a mask with local mask makers. We also offer the option to donate masks or request a donation if needed. This is a free service, we do not take a cut or referral fee.

What is a HonorTheNurse Mask?

We want to honor nurses by embroidering their names on masks. If you would like an HonorTheNurse mask please select "Personalize with a HonorTheNurse Name" and provide us the name of your favorite nurse. Here are some examples of home-made HonorTheNurse masks: Sandi's Mask and Jesse's Mask

How do I buy a mask?

After you submit your request we will email makers who we think are a good fit. If they have availability we will email you their information and you choose the one who is a best fit. Alternatively, you can browse makers and reach out directly to one who is the best fit for you.

I want to make masks

Please fill out a maker profile. When we get an incoming request that is a good fit for you, we will email you asking if you're interested. If you are, we will pass along your profile to the requester and they will indicate whether they're interested in moving forward. If so we will connect you over email.

If you're interested in making free masks for donation we have a list of organizations and people who have outstanding requests. You can contact them through our site and we'll put you in touch via email.

How do I get a free mask?

After you submit your donation request we will find makers who are the best fit for your job and ask if they're able to donate a mask that meet your criteria. If so, we will put you in touch over email.

How do I pay for a mask?

We recommend paying with paypal. Paypal offers protection if the seller does not deliver a mask. We will connect you with the maker over email and you can arrange whatever method works best for you

Do you take a cut?

No. This is a free service.

Where can I get material for making free masks?

Asking for fabric donations on NextDoor has yielded great results for many of our makers. Try making a request there or on a local Facebook group. Many people are looking to help even if they don't know how to sew.

Do you have instructions for making masks?

Yes! There are a number of tutorials out there for making masks. Our favorite video one is this one by Kaiser Permanente. The Olsen design is also very popular amongst our makers. We would recommend making them with back-ties instead of ear hooks for wearer comfort.

Do you verify the buyers or makers?

No verification is performed of buyers, makers or the masks themselves. We have no financial or personal connections with makers nor can we verify legitimacy of requests. This is simply a platform for connecting people, you do so at your own risk.

I'm a medical worker, can I use these?

Home made masks are not currently recommended for medical personnel while at work. Please see current reocommendation from the CDC and your employer for guidance.

Are these medical grade?

Masks sold or donated on MakeFor.Us are home-made cloth masks and not medical-grade. Makers on this platform cannot make medical or health claims. If anyone is in violation of this please email

How effective are home made masks?

While studies suggest that wearing a cloth mask may decrease the transmission of the virus, it is very important still adhere to social distancing guidelines. If you have to take care of or be in close proximity a person suspected or confirmed to be infected, please consultant a healthcare professional on best ways to protect yourself.

How can I help

Lets chat! Please email In the mean time, we would appreciate any help in promoting our platform. It's a free service and only works when there is a sufficient number of makers and requesters in every area. We have flyers available for mask-makers, donors [alt] and those in need of masks [alt]

I have another question, who should I contact?

Please email us at and we'll get back to you soon!