Kylie Borges

Strong Hobbyist / $ / San Jose, CA

I'm a Stanford employee that has been sewing cloth face masks (~100 to date) for donation and for purchase during my free time. The mask design I've been using has a pocket for an N95 filter and (if requested) the metal bending strip for the nose. I have worked with organizations where they've cut all the fabric/delivered the supplies to me for me to make AND I've also been open (depending on the amount of masks and timeline) to obtaining my own supplies and donating or selling what I make from that stock.

Materials Available:
I have some cotton fabric denim, maroon, green, red, and a purple vine pattern. I also have fleece fabric in a white/cactus design and also in a pink owl design (both of which were nursery fabrics). I'm also open to using fabric that other people provide (the photo with the stacks of masks I included were all donated fabrics that I used).

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